If you’re ready to spend more time doing the things you love – motivating and inspiring others – and less time bogged down with stuff you hate – administration and scheduling and logistics – then we need to talk.

I help entrepreneurs who are in the business of transformation to realise their full potential as the thought leaders and change-makers that they are.  By providing structure, process and organisation to your business, you get to build and maintain momentum with your client-facing work and grow your enterprise.

I understand the overwhelm that is occurring in modern businesses today; there are enormous expectations placed on solo operators and entrepreneurs to do and be everything.  Most coaches and speakers I know are running themselves ragged attending events, networking, doing workshops and speaking gigs whilst trying to market themselves through multiple social media platforms, newsletters and blogs, and then also having to step into an admin role to organise their travel, schedule meetings, and do the bookwork! It’s simply not feasible nor sustainable. And something will eventually give.

So if you’re ready to do more of the things that energise you, that excite and motivate you, and that you’re really meant to be doing, then it’s time to hand over the other jobs.  But don’t fear – you won’t be losing control.  In fact you’ll be gaining back control of your business because you’ll be supported by a super organised and skilled virtual team member who has your best interests at heart.

My full service support package for coaches, mentors and speakers includes:

  • Full diary management – scheduling events, appointments
  • Travel and accommodation bookings
  • Website updates
  • Blog, newsletter and social media management
  • Customer service administration
  • Lead management and client follow up
  • Document formatting
  • Invoicing and bookkeeping
  • Email management
  • Proposals and presentations
  • Database management
  • Preparing flyers and workshop documents
  • Manage speaking events, workshops etc
  • Managing speaker bureaus / maintaining relationships
  • Manage PR and marketing to corporate clients
  • Update websites including podcasts & blogs
  • (if something is not on this list, please ask)

My clients work with me because I do the things they don’t have time to do.  This gives them time to focus on their work and do what they do best to reach their goals.

I love working with coaches and speakers who are passionate about what they do and have clear direction, but who simply don’t have the time to do it all on their own.

Please email me at chloe@e-assistyou.com.au to arrange a time to discuss your businesses virtual support!