So the question was posed, ‘how I do ease my client`s pain’?  When I started my VA business, I set out to help small to medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs with administration and marketing assistance. I knew where my skills lie and the services I would offer, what I didn’t know at that point was where the pain lied for my future clients.


I didn’t have to contemplate for long as there came my first official client, a solo business owner running a successful business, so much so that her time was consumed onsite working long hours, day after day with new enquiries and job requests popping up in her overflowing inbox not being attended to for days sometimes weeks at a time. So how exactly did I ease this client`s pain? It`s simple, I set up a shared mailbox and calendar system so I could receive and manage all email enquiries and manage my clients diary. This allows my client to be onsite doing what she does best, leaving me to manage her future leads.


Then there was the client who had over 300 companies on a database which needed verifying and additional information gathered for a large marketing campaign. Having a lack of resources and no time to gather this information, E-Assist contacted every person on their list gathered information required and presented it in a formatted spreadsheet ready for import into their CRM and Marketing Database systems.


On a recent Sunday afternoon I had a new client contact me with an urgent document formatting request, another needing products on their website re-categorised and updated. These are just a handful of examples of how easy it is to have a VA relieve your pain when it comes to immense workloads and tight deadlines.


When it comes to assisting businesses I also work to prevent pain before it begins. Every business has their own processes and procedures, however many businesses have these locked away in their heads. That’s ok until the inevitable happens, you go away, you get busy and someone wants something now, your business grows and you’re being stretched in too many directions. Recently working with a client I analysed their current processes, streamlined these, created and implemented new strategies to improve their overall efficiency and productivity. Processes, love ‘em or loathe them, we can’t live without them but many businesses don’t have the time to document these. Again a VA can ease your pain and create a process manual for your business.


I have been fortunate enough to work with an amazing range of clients all with varying degrees of ‘pain’ and levels of assistance required. My moto “my motivation for success is seeing your business succeed” is about helping businesses work smarter and allowing yourself the ability to delegate and outsource which is the first step to having your business operating pain free.

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