I am an organiser, a planner, a multi-tasker. And I do it all with absolute joy and energy. If something needs doing I’m the one to do it first. If an event needs organising I have it in hand before anyone else has even started. I thrive on efficiency and high quality outcomes – for my clients and for myself.

I’m Chloe Henger and I love to do the detailed work that most business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and speakers hate. I’m goal-orientated and very self-motivated, dependable and careful and have an enormous passion for Administration and Marketing – which is why what I do is perfect for me! And you.

I worked for over a decade with wholesale and retail businesses in both administration, marketing and executive assistant roles which is where I learnt how to manage different personalities, operate within a variety of business structures and see what systems really work. I also come from a ridiculously organised family who plan everything months in advance! They happen to also be fantastic at running their own businesses and I have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t from them.

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What makes me different?

When I assist clients, I put myself in their shoes.  I don’t work to a formula; I make sure that I truly understand my client’s expectations and empathise with their needs.  I look at what processes are repeated consistently and then document these, always searching for ways to improve upon them.  I regularly engage in professional development so am up to date on the latest technologies, social media platforms and business systems; this knowledge benefits my clients.

Creating efficiencies is the key to a good assistant and that’s where I’ve proven to add the most value to my clients.  I become the backbone of the businesses I support, delivering quality service every time, on time.