One of the first questions I am asked about using a VA once the ‘how’ and ‘why’ have all been established is, “What tasks should I be Outsourcing?” The answer isn’t as simple as you may think it is…it depends on your business/industry, overall business goals and objectives and what you’re comfortable passing onto someone else to handle for you.

That said, the list of “outsource-able” tasks goes on and on but I have outlined below 10 areas of your business you could outsource to a virtual office.

1. Administration: Be that email correspondence, data entry, creating business documents and memos, managing your calendar or appointment setting a virtual administrative assistant can be a huge asset to you and your business!

2. Marketing: There are so many aspects to marketing, from research and campaign management to social media and sales, so finding a VA who specializes in marketing can save the headache of training someone on the processes your company uses to build its brand.

3. Social Media: Most small business owners are either on Social Media however don’t have time to continually update and manage their pages / profiles or are not on it because they are lacking the skills and expertise to set this up. A VA can help you from setting up all your Social Media Accounts, managing these, uploading content, creating content and growing your online community.

4. HR: Human Resources has many uses in a virtual office, particularly when you are working with a number of VAs across different business areas. A VA can help with recruiting, interviewing, screening, setting up training manuals and more.

5. Reception Services: Phone reception services are one of the most outsourced tasks particularly for service providers who cannot answer their phones all day or are running appointments. A VA can also schedule all your appointments, make follow up calls, chase payments and manage complaints for you.

6. Accounting/Bookkeeping: This is one of the most common areas for small businesses to begin their outsourcing. The importance of maintaining good financial records, processing payroll and keeping on top of your tax forms is a huge time consuming task in any business.

7. Research: One of the things many businesses need to do but can’t find the time to complete. Market and Consumer research is important for growing your business and ensuring you are meeting both the demands and needs of the industry. A VA can do this research for you allowing you to have a thorough understanding of where your brand is sitting compared to its competitors and more.

8. IT:  There are specialist IT VAs who can handle all your tech support, Software and website development or updates.

9. Website and Graphic Design: A number of VAs are graphic designers and web designers. They specialize in assisting businesses with all the technical aspects of design and web.

10. Copywriting:  Writing goes hand-in-hand with the Internet and there are many talented writers in every corner of the globe. Some specialize in marketing copy and web content, others in transcription or press releases.

E-Assist understands what goes into the decision to outsource we make it our mission to provide you with solutions that drive forward the success of your business. So, tell us, what can we take off your hands today?

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